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Spatial Surveys

When you put a map at the center of your data collection activity a new class location focused surveys can be undertaken. See some examples below.


Capture the respondent's knowledge and preferences about a site across a range of questions.

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When you preload existing asset locations, you can conduct or crowdsource an audit of these assets.

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Added time dimension enables you to use this survey to build a calendar of activities across the space.

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A survey format purposefuly built for mobile phones and tablet devices to be filed on-the-go.

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Full spatial data support

In addition to data collection, we can provide full service support for your spatial data infrastructure throughout the data lifecycle. Complement your data with user generated knowledge, available for Enterprise plan only. For more information, read our FAQ.

Data Management and Hosting

  • Integration with your existing spatial data
  • Data maintainence and updates
  • Roles and workflow management to control access to your data

Advanced Spatial Analysis

  • Location intelligence and Spatial Machine learning
  • Data dashboards and visualizations
  • Analysis and Decision support



Open Location and Open Data

Geosurveys are compatible with Open Location Code. Below are recent contributions made on the Geosurveys that are standard surveys licensed as open data.

Survey Questions

Bringing the focus on the location enables you to do many interesting things, below are some of the questions that you can ask using a geosurvey

Public Administration

  • Asset Analysis (e.g. a survey of drainages or fire hydrant health)
  • Manhole inspection & inventory

Built Environment

  • What are all the activities across different buildings?
  • Which areas are off limits at a certain time on campus?


  • What is the most scenic walking trail?
  • Identify buildings has the most historical significance & why?

Natural Systems

  • Identify trees that at risk or erosion risk areas
  • Indentify the location of invasive species in the area

Transportation and Mobility

  • What is your favorite bicycle route?
  • Tell us the best location for a new bus stop?

Parks and Venues

  • What are all the events this week? (e.g. photography, filming etc.)
  • Which areas are off limits at a certain time on campus?

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