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👋 Hello Geodesignhub newbies! Welcome to the basics of Geodesignhub. I'm Hrishikesh Ballal, the creator of Geodesignhub. I am excited to introduce you to Geodesignhub and show you how to use this powerful platform.

What is Geodesignhub?

Geodesignhub enables structured negotiations to develop a consensus around priority actions and future strategy. It is used to expedite decision making in complex projects across a range of themes: infrastructure investment, transportation, housing, tourism, environmental management, citizen engagement etc. ​Geodesignhub provides you with a new, digital method to conduct negotiations and this new method leads to new results.

How do negotiations work?

Negotiations are conducted between different stakeholders in a live in-person or an online meeting. We have developed a unique process to facilitate negotiations using our software. These negotiations can be conducted privately or used publicly with stakeholders. You can see the steps below, the digital negotiations are based on data and we are in the Step 1 / Data Collection part!

  • Step 1. Data Collection
  • Step 2. Negotiation Meetings
  • Step 3. Negotiated Outcomes
  • Step 4. Implementation
Geodesign for Hyde Park

Diagrams are the foundational communication concept in Geodesignhub: They form the currency of how negotiations. You can think of a diagram as a representation of an idea that can be easily understood and communicated. Diagrams can be simple or complex, can be drawn by hand or generated by sophisticated models. When we have many ideas in the form of diagrams and the question is which one is the best to solve the problem, we conduct negotiations for that!

With this introduction, go to the "Geosurvey" page to start adding some ideas as diagrams. This is a simple survey but any kind of knowledge can be captured with other data as well like maps and e.g. GIS data we can use them as well in the negotiations.

As you can imagine there will be many different types of ideas and suggestions some decisions have to be made regarding which ones are the best appropriate, and to resolve these you will need a Geodesignhub negotiation!

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